Flavorade - Scented candles / Bougie parfumée / Lumânare parfumată

New horizons

We know that you used to come here to find the people behind the creative design people from Flavorade. We are still here, constantly evolving.


The same people are trying new boundaries. We are sketching, crafting, testing what people love to call zen and enjoy it for relaxing, for a warm, chill ambiental mood: either  scented candles, or in French, bougies parfumées or in Romanian, lumânari parfumate, that you will gonna crave and love for.


We are doing our best to provide you in a timely manner, carefully hand poured coconut, soy or bee wax scented candles that throw lovable scents, niche fragrance oils, beautiful designed. For lovers only, just seize the moment!


Love from Bucharest, Romania!